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florida financial affidavit long form

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Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12. 902 c Family Law Financial Affidavit Long Form 01/15 c. Retired. Date of retirement Employer from whom retired LAST YEAR S GROSS INCOME YEAR Your Income Other Party s Income if known PRESENT MONTHLY GROSS INCOME All amounts must be MONTHLY. INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLORIDA FAMILY LAW RULE OF PROCEDURE FORM 12. 902 c FAMILY LAW FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT LONG FORM 01/15 When should this form be used This form should be used when you are involved in a family law...
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Comments and Help with family law forms florida

Who needs a Florida financial affidavit 12902b form?

This form should be used by persons who are involved in a family law case which requires a financial affidavit, and their individual gross income is $50,000 or more per year unless:

  1. the parties are going  through a simplified procedure of divorce under rule 12.105;
  2. the parties do not have minor children and have signed an agreement on the absence of mutual financial claims; or
  3. the court lacks jurisdiction to determine any financial issues.

What is Florida financial affidavit 12902b form?

The Florida form o financial affidavit 12902b can be used in a variety of family litigations to provide information about the income and expenses of one spouse based on the calculation of his monthly indicators (last month). The data cover the costs of all aspects of family life - acquisition of gasoline, the pay of dental, children's school expenses, etc. Also, in the case of divorce, disputed property is taken into account.

Is Florida financial affidavit 12902b form accompanied by other forms?

Petition for dissolution of marriage most often precedes the submission of this Florida financial affidavit 12902b form. In fact, it isn't obligatory that you file another forms, but you must mutually exchange financial information with your spouse. It can be accomplished with the help of a declaration of disclosure (FL-140 and FL-141), a schedule of assets and debts (FL-142) and income and expense declaration (FL-150).

Also, you must be prepared to provide any other documented financial information that your spouse or the court should know before the divorce. In all other cases, you must specify a particular list of required supporting documents with your lawyer.

When is Florida financial affidavit 12902b form due?

Florida requires you to send the completed and certified financial affidavit form to your spouse within 45 days of the date your petition for dissolution of marriage is served.

How do I fill out Florida financial affidavit 12902b form?

You will need to provide accurate and truthful information about the income and expenses during the reporting period together with the basic information about yourself. The document shall be certified by a notary public or deputy clerk. If a nonlawyer helped you to fill out this form, they must fill in corresponding boxes with their personal information (name, address, phone number).

Where do I send Florida financial affidavit 12902b form?

A copy of this form must be served on the other party to your case within 45 days of being served with the petition, if it is not served on them with your initial papers. The original document is used in legal proceedings and is kept by the person who filled it out.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing florida financial affidavit long form
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Hi thank you for checking out my financial affidavit what you're looking at is what your client will see once they login and download their financial affidavit and so for each client there is a new blank financial affidavit there's no data stored in the cloud so each client gets his or her own financial affidavit as you'll see this form looks very similar to the Florida Supreme Court approved long form but it is also very different and what I would like to consider much better than the standard form wherever you see blue on this document are spaces where your client or your staff for yourself can type in information so let me just show you a couple of the features that make this financial affidavit different so it's a title the first thing is that this form automatically calculates all number input so I'm going to give you some examples and ask you to sort of focus on line 17 so you'll see that the numbers changes i type in the information put in just various numbers here show you how it works so the auto calculation is throughout the entire form the second way in which this financial affidavit is different is that i provided footnote boxes for each entry so let me click a few of them and show you how this works are the same ones that I did the numbers for so remember 1 10 and 14 let me go to the footnote page and show you how that works so what I like about this is instead of saying 1 2 3 4 etc it actually shows the line number so it's very easy if you're in court to be able to say judge it's line number 10 our line number 14 what I've also done is in many sections I've tried to give better instructions and details for the client to understand here's an example many of my clients get confused with regard to health insurance so I if you look at line 23 I've put in here that this is for individual coverage and that the children's section goes to line 78 let me show you a few other parts were hopefully improved it with regard to monthly mortgage some clancy confused and they entered the mortgage but also property tax and insurance when in fact those aren't included so i've tried to add some extra language there sometimes people you confuse with the home internet because it's usually included in cable TV so i put a little section there with cars monthly payment but i've also said specify the vehicle just to make it easier when you're going through it i'll show you a few other sections and then i'll show you what a completed one looks like for example payment accreditors a lot of my clients been confused in the past and they'll duplicate the entry for a car payment so I've made that clear not to do that here I've also just see here that the numbers autos automatically calculate I'll just put one on line 1 41 2 so you'll see that the numbers will move depending on the input calculates surplus and or deficit assets I've hopefully made this very clear as to what fair market value is people could confuse with that and always want to put replacement...
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